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Surf Air Secures $200 Million Funding Commitment from GEM


Private Plane Charter Startup Surf Air Buys BlackBird Air

Wall Street Journal

This Airline Membership Lets You Book Unlimited Flights on a Private Jet Every Month

Travel & Leisure

Surf Air’s New Unlimited Private Jet Plans Mean You Never Have to Wait at the Airport

Robb Report

Trying out Surf Air

SF Gate

The Ultimate #TreatYourself Holiday Gift Guide

Huffington Post

Surf Air: 'All You Can Fly' Luxury Service In Lucrative California Market


Life, by subscription


The American dream is no longer for sale — but it is for rent. We are slowly going through a subtle shift in how the economy is owned and operated, with massive implications.


The Uber of air travel: $1,950 a month for unlimited flights

Yahoo! Finance

So begins my story. Is it feasible for me to commute to work from an entirely different city, hundreds of miles away ... by airplane? Could I trade my 45-minute car commute in ridiculously heavy traffic for a window seat, flying 14,000 feet over beautiful California? And can I do all this by not flying a commercial or private jet? I was about to find out.


How to get unlimited flights for less than $2,000

If you’d rather fly private — and want to stick to the West Coast — consider SurfAir. This private aviation company offers unlimited flights (there are roughly 90 per day) to and from 12 destinations (these include Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas) starting at $1,950 a month, plus a one-time $1,000 initiation fee.


10 Ways Air Travel Will Change in 2016

Conde Nast Traveler (online)

Who wouldn’t want to fly private—if they could afford it? We may find out in 2016, as a new class of aviation entrepreneurs offers more alternatives to traditional air transportation, building on the success thus far of companies like Surf Air…


The Ultimate T+L Handbook for Giving the Gift of Travel

Travel + Leisure Online

If someone on your West Coast list is constantly on the go, newcomers Surf Air...offer unlimited flights for a flat fee.


Surf Air’s ‘all-you-can-fly’ model for a monthly fee

Fox Business Online

Surf Air CEO Jeff Potter on the airline’s unique business model.


Three Customer-Experience Lessons Most Startups Overlook

Fast Company

As a startup grows, it needs to continue to deliver the same level of personalized attention to customers as it did from day one. One company that epitomizes this is Surf Air.


Why 'All-You-Can-Fly' Subscriptions Are the Future of Business Travel


The days of sending your company's road warriors on commercial airline flights may be numbered. A recent New York Times piece delved into the increasing popularity of new "subscription flying memberships" among some frequent business travelers.


All You Can Fly, for a Monthly Subscription

New York Times Online

The membership model began in 2013 with the creation of Surf Air, an airline based in Santa Monica, Calif. It flies to California cities and has 2,100 members — up from 300 when it began.


Surf Air: makes your private jet dream affordable


Most of us only dream of flying by private jet, but there’s a new service in California that’s trying to make that dream an affordable reality. Surf Air is a startup, membership airline that’s looking to transform the way people travel by saving them time and easing travel stress.


10 Travel Experts Reveal Their Dream Vacations

Harper's Bazaar

Whether you're dreaming of shopping the souks of Morocco or eating your way through a kimchi tour in Seoul, everyone has a travel fantasy—that trip you'd take if the stars (and your bank account) and vacation days all aligned. Even the pros that work in the industry are prone to visions of vacation grandeur. So, we chatted with the experts to see what's on their bucket lists.


From Coffee to Concerts: 6 Unlimited Subscription Services for Huge Summer Savings

InStyle Online

Surf Air has unlimited flights to any of its 11 destinations, but is now launching in more areas by the end of 2015. The company anticipates the needs of its customers and hopes to expand nationwide in the future. Wouldn't that be nice—especially with the rising prices of airline tickets.


The Sharing Economy: Why it Works and How to Join

Forbes Online

Built on the focus on sustainability and doing more with fewer resources, partially to help the environment but also tied to recent economic downturns that taught consumers a few lessons about saving, the sharing economy is a growing trend that could stay with us for the long-term. Companies like Lyft, Scoot, and Surf Air are now delivering innovative services that have ignited this new sharing economy.


Are Private Jets, Now Much Cheaper, the New Business Class?

Travel + Leisure (Online)

California-based Surf Air, currently king of the space, pioneered the club model in 2013 with daily charter flights between Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. By this fall, it will offer members 90 daily connections between 11 destinations (including Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Sonoma County), nearly all on a fleet of eight-seat Pilatus PC-12 turboprop planes.


Private jets take off for business travelers

USA Today

Nabbing a seat on a private jet is becoming as easy as ordering a movie from Netflix. A number of companies are trying to be the Uber of private planes by letting fliers book a flight with the tap of an app.


The Subscription Airline Luxury That Makes Sense Even for Small Businesses

The Street

The country's first subscription airline launched recently and already has 1,600 members and 400 people on a waiting list... It's a model that has earned much praise and publicity, including Surf Air being called 'One of America's most promising companies of 2015' by Forbes.


The Private Aviation Membership Club Surf Air Adds Aircraft and Expands Its Flight Network

Robb Report (Online)

Riding a tidal wave of growth, the Santa Monica, Calif.–based private aviation membership club Surf Air will increase its network by 40 percent this year with five new Pilatus PC-12 NG business turboprops flying to four additional California destinations.


Altitude and attitude - Members-only carrier Surf Air is poised for a growth spurt

Los Angeles Times (print and online)

Pay $1,750 a month. Fly as much as you want. Arrive a few minutes before takeoff. Park for free. Forget TSA security; you don't even need an ID to board. And then get comfortable — on this fast-rising California airline, every seat is both a window and an aisle.


There's a service that CEOs and investors are raving about at SXSW that's like Netflix for flights

Business Insider

...There is one service a few CEOs and investors in California are talking about that they say is like Netflix for flying. Surf Air is a members-only private plane service that only operates out of a few west coast hubs. For $1,750 per month, its users can fly unlimited from Santa Monica to San Francisco, San Diego or Santa Barbara.


Flying Private Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Inc. Magazine (Online)

Airfare seems to be getting more and more expensive, and airlines aren't exactly upping their amenities game in order to make up for it. As a beleaguered frequent business traveler, you do have some hope, though. One option is a new crop of travel clubs like Surf Air that are trying to replace the comfort many mainstream airlines now lack.


America's Most Promising Companies of 2015

Forbes Online

Surf Air is a Californina-based airline that offers discounted travel to its members. The company's network of destinations include seven major California markets as well as Tahoe and Las Vegas.


Surfair, The Netflix of Airlines

KTLA Los Angeles

Tech Report: "A startup called Surf Air is hoping to disrupt the airline industry by offering its members an all-you-can-fly model. Recently, Rich had the chance to hop on board."


Learning from the ground up

Los Angeles Times (Sunday Print and Online)

Jeff Potter, chief executive of luxury jet service Surf Air, followed an 'unorthodox' career path.


How You Can Fly Private for Less Than $2k a Month

Bloomberg Business (Online)

Surf Air CEO Jeff Potter discusses his airline and how he found financial backers. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.


Private Jet Travel: Flight Clubs


New forms of private-jet travel are struggling to gain altitude. These new approaches -- from flight clubs to systems for purchasing a single seat on a charter -- are hawked by so-called alternative airlines, and while many probably won't get off the ground, California's Surf Air is gaining speed.